Rumbamazigha a fusion between Rumba Catalana and Amazigh music

Agraw, portal dedicado a la cultura amazigh, 15/1/2010

Rumbamazigha was created by Taller de Músics to promote and mix musicians from diverse origins, geographic locations and styles.
Rumba Catalana and Amazigha music have combined by exchanging their musical languages, melodies and rhythms to create a popular, uplifting and unique sound.

This production was born in Taller de Músics in 2008 with support from Caixa Catalunya Social Work. This program provides funding for projects that promote intercultural dialogue through artistic creation.

Today we are happy to present the Rumbamazigha project which brings to the stage the reality of the streets and neighbourhoods around Catalunya. Musicians with different but not dissimilar instruments play melodies and rhythms that travel and flow without frontiers, impediments or prejudices.

One Response to “Rumbamazigha a fusion between Rumba Catalana and Amazigh music”

  1. kamel zennia ( Berber) Says:

    Azul- Hola.

    I would love to do a collaboration with you. I play rumba ( guitar) , sing in Berber, Spanish . please check my

    Good job!

    All the best.